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view post  How many questions are on the Mortgage License Exam?
New laws, new rules, new requirements for being a LICENSED mortgage originator.

view post  Understanding the New Good Faith Estimate
The good, the bad and the ugly on the new 2010 Good Faith Estimate.

view post  This IS it . . . and I am letting you know.
Four reasons why now is your opportunity to take advantage of current mortgage rates.

view post  Mortgage and Real Estate Out of Order: No Sense Makes
Looking for a house and then looking for a mortgage is putting the cart before the horse.

view post  Managing Your Mortgage 
When was the last time you reviewed your mortgage?

view post  Now?  Yes.  Why?  Because I said so.
The benefit of working with family when it comes time to lock-in and move forward with the loan process.

view post  The Real(estate) cost of waiting.
Waiting to purchase or refinance could cost you thousands.

view post  It is about working smarter AND harder. 
Why working hard in the mortgage business is a must.

view post  133 days and counting
Time is running out to take advantage of the $8,000 Federal tax credit

view post  My thoughts on __%.
Which way are mortgage rates headed?

view post  A new place to call home (work).
An exciting announcement from Jeffrey Pinkerton.

view post  All the build-up, none of the excitement.
Fed announcement update.

view post  My thoughts on 5.5% . . . 
A sudden and unexpected jump in mortgage rates

view post  Too busy to blog . . .
Is it ever good to be too busy to blog?

view post  What about today’s rates?

view post  I was wrong about 4.5% . . . kind of. 
Can you get a mortgage at 4.5%?

view post  Twice as much ain’t twice as good. 
If the Feds push twice as much money in to the MBS market, should mortgage rates go down even more?

view post  Refinance Plan B(2)
Strategy for refinancing, part 2

view post  Maybe you ARE being bailed-out?  
Don’t complain about the bail-out until you read this.

view post  Refinancing Your Mortgage – Plan B. 
Strategy for refinancing.

view post  The question should be WHEN is your best rate. 
Shopping for the best rate is not where to shop but when to lock.

view post  Second mortgages – a refinance roadblock. 
Subordination denied = no first mortgage refinance.

view post  Wait(ing) is in the past. 
Refinance advice on waiting versus locking.

view post  Let’s get ready to refi.

view post  What is UP with closing costs? 
Why ARE closing costs so high?

view post  What a difference a day makes (or two weeks).

view post  As good as it gets . . . 
Refinance advice on waiting for lower interest rates.

view post  Shortest post in the world about whether you should take the time to look in to refinancing.

view post  Getting ready to refinance.

view post  Best rates of the year! (now gone, gone, gone)

view post  My Mortgage Thoughts on 4.5% 
Could interest rates really go to 4.5%?

view post  It works . . . it works . . . it works!! 
Rates dip and flat-out works.

view post  Black Friday Super Sale!

view post  They’re . . . . . baaaaaaack (low mortgage rates).

view post  Happy Election Day!

view post  For the record, it’s not predatory lending.

view post  The Housing Crisis — Obama and McCain

view post  Choices with Wachovia (or citi? or wells fargo?)

view post  More about telling the collective you, “so”

view post  The trouble with “I told you so.”

view post  Hello – past clients, friends and referral partners

view post  This is a test.

view post  Property Taxes — Re-visited (blog post re-run)

view post  What if I paid you $100 for every referral?? 

view post   Wachovia executives (possibly) take advice from “the Mortgage Blog” (but not likely)

view post  Declining Value Markets . . .

view post  Thinking inside the box.

view post  Should I refinance my mortgage?\

view post  100% Financing Gone?!?

view post  The Great Mortgage Coaster

view post  Uh oh . . . effects of the trickle-down.

view post  Waiting on a Big Rebound.

view post  Feds cut rate by 0.5%.

view post  Mortgage rates DOWN, then UP in a hurry.

view post  Cuts like a knife . . . 0.75 point Fed rate cut.

view post  ARMs . . . back then, very cool.  Now, not so cool.

view post  Should I lock or should I float?

view post  It’s time to make the refinance.

view post  This day in history . . . November 13th.

view post  What has NOT changed in the mortgage business.

view post  Another Fed move.

view post  A half down.  A quarter up.

view post  Down means down, but down means up; up means up, but up means down.

view post  Free credit report dot com is not a free credit report.

view post  Is the (mortgage) sky really falling?

view post  Collateral damage — Homebanc bouncing checks.

view post  Times . . . they are a’changin’.

view post  The most important part of the loan process.

view post  “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night” (for the sub-prime market)

view post  the greatest iPhone in the world

view post  Surprise, surprise, surprise . . . builder directed financing creates eithical questions

view post  A strange feeling . . .

view post  A Tremor in the Market.

view post  Tickle-down-sub-prime-mortgage-melt-down-nomics

view post  The Sub-prime Mortgage Meltdown.

view post  Understanding your credit score.
view post  There’s no place like Home(stead).

view post  Some not-so-good fruit and a $10 haircut.

view post  Shopping for the best . . . (blank).

view post  Only you can help stop email spam.

view post  More on small print . . .

view post  Finally, the truth about MTA loans.

view post  Reading the small print.

view post   “Your loan request has been approved” and other incredibly annoying mortgage junkmail.

view post   A Christmas Eve Closing.

view post  “Do you understand . . . ”

view post   The bottom-dwellers of the mortgage business.

view post  Setting a budget (and keeping it).

view post  US Economy — too hot? too cold? or just right?

view post  Get your money for nothing – $0 closing costs.

view post  Could you please just “show me the money?”

view post  You give [my good faith estimate] a bad name.

view post  The problem with being “Ok”

view post  The “secret recipe” for getting a mortgage.

view post  The loan process — can you handle the truth?

view post  0% origination fee — deal? or no deal?

view post  It’s just a little-white-lie, right? wrong.

view post  An MTA loan (sing), “More than meets the eye.”

view post  Property Taxes — what you need to know.

view post  The builder-directed financing hook – ouch!

view post  How to get the cheapest mortgage in town.

view post  If your house could talk.

view post  “To pre-pay (your mortgage) or not to pre-pay . . . ”

view post  Adjustable rate mortgages . . . OOhhhh . . . . AAhhhh

view post  The Feds raise rates by 0.25%; mortgage rates go down?

view post  “I can’t be beat . . . I won’t be beat!”

view post  Congratulations homeowner . . . hello junk-mail.

view post  Mortgage advice 101 — Shopping for a mortgage.

view post  First it was the fax machine.

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