the problem with being “Ok”


Have you ever had a waiter or waitress ask you if your meal is “okay?”  Isn’t that a strange question, “Is everything with your meal ok?”  It’s like saying, “Is everything with your meal average?”  Wouldn’t the better question be, “Is everything with your meal excellent?”  Or better yet, “Is everything with your meal finding your great satisfaction!?”

What has happened to going above and beyond what people expect? 


For instance, if you were a waitress at Chotchkies and you were required to display a certain number of pieces of “flair” (pins, buttons, etc.), wouldn’t it be better to go above and beyond what was required?  beyond what was expected?  Or is being “ok” really okay?

There are a lot of mortgage people out there.  And by a lot, I mean gazillions.  You could go to your bank; you could go to your credit union; you could go with the guy (or gal) that your realtor recommends; you could go with the guy (or gal) that your builder “recommends” (and by recommends, I mean “forces you to use“); you could go with the guy on the radio; you could go with the gal on the TV; you could go with an internet-lender; or you could go with  a mega-internet-lender-referrer like; you could call a 1-800 number; you could even use your mother’s cousin’s brother-in-law who can’t really do your loan but is willing to help out (I have no idea what that means, but I have heard something similar on more than one occasion). 

Here is my advice to you . . . when shopping for a mortgage and when interviewing a mortgage consultant, ask tough questions to make sure you are working with a professional, ask for testimonials from past clients and realtors to make sure that you are working with someone who provides fantastic customer service, and ask what he or she is going to do to make your experience more than just “ok.”

If you need more specific advice, then simply ask this question, “Mr./Mrs. Loan Officer, how are you going to ensure that at the end of this process, after everything is signed and done, and closed, how are you going to make sure that I am a thrilled and happy customer?  So thrilled that when I think about getting a mortgage, I am going to think about you?  So thrilled that when I hear of someone else thinking about getting a mortgage, I am going to tell them about you?” 

Don’t let the not-so-fancy (and often over-used) slogans like, “giving 110%”, “raising the bar”, “exceeding your expectations”, “your lender for life” (unless of course they are trying to sell you a 40 or 50 year mortgage – ha!!), “going the extra-mile” and the-like, be the basis for your decision.  Ask a hard question — “What are you going to do to ___________ (insert slogan-phrase here: exceed my expectations, raise the bar, etc.)?”  The answer may surprise you . . . and the silence on the other end of the phone may be deafening. 


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