This is a test.



This is a test.  This blog, “the Mortgage Blog” is conducting a test of the “Mortgage Rates Are Moving Lower Service.”  This is only a test.  [eerrrrrrrrr . . . . aarrrrrrrrrrr . . . . . ]

“This is a test of the “Mortgage Rates are Moving Lower Service”.  Your mortgage broker, Jeffrey Pinkerton in cooperation with the website service has developed a MUCH BETTER system to keep you informed in the event of lower mortgage rates that would benefit you. If this had been an actual “Mortgage Rates are Moving Lower Alert” and if in fact you were registered for your FREE account with, the Attention Signal you just read would have been replaced by an automatic email delivered to your inbox notifying you that your TARGET REFINANCE RATE was available.  This email Target Refinance Rate Notification would have also been sent to your mortgage broker.  Hillside Lending, LLC serves the Georgia and Louisiana states only.  This concludes this test of the “Mortgage Rates are Moving Lower Service.”

This blog post is certainly not the best way to communicate if mortgage rates go down to a point where it makes sense for you to lock-in and refinance.  For a much better way to monitor your mortgage and your personal refinance options, visit and sign up for an account for FREE using the promo code “the mortgage blog”.

Rates went down to 5.125% on January 15th of this year.  Most people missed out on the opportunity to refinance because they didn’t act quickly enough when rates dipped.

Don’t miss out again . . . ever.


Jeffrey Pinkerton is a Mortgage Consultant and President of Hillside Lending, LLC and writer for “the Mortgage Blog.”  Hillside Lending seeks to provide mortgage brokerage services with the highest standards of service, care, honesty, integrity and value; concentrating on owner-occupied, residential financing.  For more information about available programs and interest rates, please visit

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