It is about working smarter AND harder.



Last week at a Dunwoody Mortgage education event, I had the pleasure of hearing from Dan Ervin, a national speaker and sales trainer to the real estate and mortgage industries.  Dan is a salesman, and seemingly quite a good one at that.  His approach to real estate and mortgage sales was a great reminder, especially in this current market, that in order to win the business of clients, we have to work and to work hard. 

I have never fully believed the sales guys that talk about NOT working harder, but working smarter.  They claim that “it’s about working smarter, not harder.”  I disagree.  In the current mortgage market, where loans are more difficult to process because of changing and increasing government regulations (HVCC appraisal rules, MDIA disclosure rules, and more to come, I am sure), where loans are more difficult to get approved because underwriting restrictions are more stringent (even the best loans raise questions from underwriters), and where transactions are more difficult to find because of the decrease in home sales and increased credit standards, in this business, it’s about working smarter AND harder. 

The “working smarter” idea is important.  And really, it’s more than just important; it’s critical.  If you are not working smarter (database management, past-client contact, email marketing, web and blog presence, automation, established customer service standards, predictable sale processes, lead follow-up, etc.), to be honest, I am surprised that you have survived the past two years in the mortgage and real estate business.  On that same note, if you one of the many people who are “thinking about getting a database set up this year”, why not put a to-be-completed date on the calendar, and give me a call.  I’d love to help (my first business-love is database and customer service systems).

If you are in the market for a mortgage — whether it be to refinance your existing mortgage or to purchase your next home, please know that the mortgage business is not the same as it was last year or the year before or the year before that.  To say that it is tougher to get a mortgage now than it was a few years ago, implies an idea that most people can’t get a mortgage and that is simply NOT true (FHA allows 3.5% down with a 620 credit score).  The biggest change is that it is now more difficult (more tedious) to get through the mortgage process — more questions from underwriters, more guidelines and rules, more t’s to cross and more i’s to dot.  It is tougher and it takes more work to get to the finish.  And it takes quite a bit of work (and know-how) to get to the finish well (happy clients, smiling Realtors, etc.)  Now, more than ever, it’s important to be working with a mortgage professional who is going to work harder (and smarter) for you.


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