Must have apps when looking for a home



Thanks to technology, it is way easier to look for a home today. Not only do most buyers look at homes online prior to getting into a car with a real estate agent, there are now apps that help with the entire home buying process. Here are five of my favorite listed out in no particular order.

Genius Scan – OK, so this one is first because it is my favorite. I use this app all of the time. Let’s say I meet with a client, and they bring original tax returns and W2s to our meeting. Naturally, they do not want to part with the originals. What do we do about a scanner? That is where Genius Scan comes into play. This app will allow the user to turn a document into a PDF file (amount other formats) using the camera on their smart phone. It is like having a scanner with you at all times. This app is free, and there is a paid version too.

Homesnap – Ever been driving around and see the sign for “Free Information” on a home that is listed… only to open the sign and no flyers are in it?!? Frustrating! Not anymore. Using Homesnap, the user can take a photo of the home and get estimated home values, interior photos (if available online), public record information (beds/baths/square footage), etc. You never have to leave empty handed again!

MagicPlan – Let’s say you are inside one of the homes you found using Homesnap, and are wondering about a room’s size? Perhaps a home needs some work, and you want to get an idea of the layout and scope of the project? MagicPlan allows the user to create floor plans and work estimates for projects by using, again, the camera on their smart phone. This app is also free to start with, but also has in-app purchases.

MileIQ – this app is a life saver for real estate professionals (or any professional that needs to keep track of their mileage). When keeping a mileage log for tax deduction purposes, the IRS wants specific details. When working with a tax professional to file income taxes, a simple total of miles driven won’t work… you need individual trips, date of trip, starting mileage and ending mileage. This is hard to keep up with, which is why MileIQ is so handy. MileIQ automatically logs trips and calculates the value of the trip. Classifying a trip (personal, business, etc.) is as easy as a swipe. This app costs $5.99 per month on a subscription OR $59.99 annually. Considering a 12-mile business trip will net $6.48 in deduction, this is an app that pays for itself for sure.

Postagram – you’ve found your new home, and you want to let all of your friends know you’ve moved. Again, you can get this done using your smartphone. Postagram allows the user to turn any of their photos into a postcard that can be mailed for $0.99. So take that selfie of you in front of your new home, and send it out to with your new address and a personalized message.

It’s amazing what you can do on your phone.

You know what else you can do with your phone? You can call me today to get started with the prequalification process. If the home you are looking to buy is in Georgia, we can get you going in just a few minutes over the phone. Just takes one call to get started!




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