Coming Soon: Closing Disclosure



Along with the new Loan Estimate, the current settlement statement (known as the HUD-1) will be replaced too. The new Closing Disclosure expands to 5 pages (currently 4 when including the signature page), but it too replaces some of the current documents we use today. Use this link for a preview of the new Closing Disclosure.

The Closing Disclosure includes the following information:

  • Page 1: recaps the first page of the Loan Estimate, which includes the loan amount, interest rate, other loan terms, closing costs (traditional closing costs and prepaids combined), and the cash to close.
  • Page 2 and 3: these look an awful lot like the current HUD-1 except in reverse order. The current HUD-1 shows the lump sum summary on page 1, and the itemization of fees on page 2. The Closing Disclosure references the itemization on page 2, and the lump sum summary on page 3.
  • Page 4: this page contains more details about the terms of the loan including whether or not the loan is assumable, if there is a demand feature, an escrow account, terms of making a late payment, partial payment, and whether or not the loan has a negative amortization feature.
  • Page 5: this page will replace the current truth in lending disclosure. The truth in lending itemization page should be eliminated with the itemization break down on page 2. The signature line is also on page 5.

While the Closing Disclosure expands from 4 to 5 pages, it should eliminate the current truth in lending form, the signature page, and maybe the truth in lending itemization page. For all practical purposes, we are really reducing the pages from 6 to 5. Less paper is always a great thing!

The biggest change of all will be when the Closing Disclosure is given to the borrower. The CFPB requires the Closing Disclosure to be sent three days prior to closing. If changes are made after the Closing Disclosure is sent out to the borrower, the three days could reset. This will definitely be the biggest challenge with the Closing Disclosure. That said, once everyone gets used to the process, we’ll be fine.

Got questions about the new Closing Disclosure? Contact me today to discuss. As always, if financing a home in Georgia, we can also talk about how I can help you with that loan!



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