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Whether you own a home or rent a home, you can’t escape junk mail. That said, when you get a new mortgage, you are opened up to new and different types of junk mail. I first blogged about this in 2011. Since the home buying market has picked up this year, I’ve been receiving more calls and emails from clients wondering why they are getting so much junk mail. I figured it was time for an update to the post.

Can you stop junk mail? Yes and no. You can opt out all you want, but you can’t stop companies from sending you junk mail offers from the information found in public records. This is where these types of companies find your information.

The type of junk mail I’m talking about here can be deceptive. The text on the envelopes say “complete and return”. Once you open the letter, the top of the letter will say things like “You are not protected”… “last chance”… phrases that cause people to react instead of read and respond.

On top of the words being used, the letters appear official. They will have your lenders name on it. Some of them even have your loan officers name on it. Somewhere on there, you’ll see an “*”. If you find the details that correspond with the “*”, it is usually at the very bottom or on the back of the letter. The text after the “*” usually reads something like this:

“Our Company is in no way connected to INSERT YOUR LENDER NAME HERE.”

Unless you specifically looked for this information, you probably wouldn’t have found it. This doesn’t even get into other offers you’ll receive such as handwritten postcards telling you a parcel has arrived for you but couldn’t be delivered at your new address (yet the postcard could be delivered?!?).

The moral of the story is this – When you buy a new home, a public record of your deed is recorded at the court house. Companies pay people to go through and get the information on new deeds in public records. Then junk mail will begin heading your way. Legitimate mail will come from your lender telling you how and where to send your mortgage payment. You’ll also receive junk mail appearing like it is coming from your lender.

Take your time when going through the mail as you don’t want to respond to the wrong letter!


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