Another increase to FHA mortgage insurance?


You know FHA mortgage insurance is high when the monthly premium and mortgage rates are both in the 2’s! Yes, that is right. FHA mortgage insurance premiums may increase again. I say “may” because we do not know for sure whether or not they will be increased. What we do know is that Congress approved a measure that will allow FHA to charge up to 2.05% for their annual mortgage insurance premiums.

Is 2.05% annually a lot? Yes, yes it is. That would be about double the cost of monthly mortgage insurance for conventional loans with 3% down (that program carries the highest mortgage insurance rates for conventional loans). It would also be the largest one time increase in the last several years. Here is a quick review of FHA mortgage insurance rates over the past few years using a $200,000 loan for comparison:

  • in 2008, the annual mortgage insurance rate was 0.50%, or $83 per month
  • in 2009, it increased to 0.55%, or $92 per month
  • in 2010, the increase went to 0.90%, or $150 per month
  • in 2011, mortgage insurance increased again to 1.10%, or $183 per month
  • the last increase was in 2012 when it jumped to 1.25%, or $208 per month

Just to put that into perspective, the monthly mortgage insurance in 2008 was $83 per month. For the same loan amount, it is now $208 per month. That is an increase of $125 per month.

What does 2.05% look like? For a 200,000 loan, the FHA monthly mortgage insurance would be $341 per month! Also, the latest act of Congress requires a minimum amount of 0.55% for FHA loans. Homeowners who bought a home with a 15 year fixed mortgage and a 22% down payment were exempt from the monthly mortgage insurance. This may no longer be the case.

Again, I’ve used the word “may” several times in this post because nothing is written in stone. All Congress has done is said that FHA can choose to increase mortgage insurance rates to 2.05% and establish a minimum on all FHA loans. As of this post, nothing has been officially announced.

What should you do? If you were thinking of buying a new home using an FHA loan, it would be a very, very good idea to buy that home prior to any additional changes taking place to the monthly mortgage insurance. With an annual increase each year for the past four years, one thing we know for sure is that FHA will increase it. The question is “when”, not “if.”

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