Lower FHA MI rates coming soon. Get started now!


As advertised, the lower mortgage insurance rates for FHA Streamline Refinances begins this Monday (June 11th). You don’t have to wait until Monday to get started. If you qualify for this program, and the property is in the state of Georgia, I can help get you started today and get a headstart on the rush.

How do you know if you qualify:

  • have an FHA loan and be current on your mortgage payments.
  • closed on your current FHA mortgage prior to June 1, 2009

Homeonwers that qualify for the streamline FHA refinance can take advantage of:

  • capitalizing on the historically low interest rates
  • no appraisal required
  • virtually no up front mortgage insurance premium (only 0.01% of the loan amount)
  • the monthly mortgage insurance rate has been cut by more than half

If you have been making on-time payments on your FHA mortgage you got prior to June 1, 2009, you can reduce your monthly mortgage payment, get reduced monthly mortgage insurance payments, and most likely do all of this with no appraisal and no closing costs. If this is you… what are you waiting for?!? You can get started now. If the property is in the state of Georgia, I can help you get going!


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