Gwinnett County HOMEStretch


Looking for a downpayment assistance program? If your goal is to buy a home in Gwinnett County, Georgia, HOMEStretch may be for you.

HOMEStretch is for first time home buyers or former homeowners who have not owned a property for the past three years (investors are not allowed). If approved by HOMEStretch, the program will provide:

  • $7,500 towards the down payment of a home.
  • It is a 0% interest loan that is satisfied if the buyer remains in the home as their primary residence for five years.
  • Buyer must be credit worth to qualify for a loan.
  • Property must be in Gwinnett County, Georgia.
  • Property can be a single family residence, townhome, or a condo (built after 1977).

Before you can get started with a loan, you need to qualify to use HOMEStretch. They are currently revising their guidelines, and will have all in order in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if HOMEStretch is something you’d be interested in using to buy a home in Gwinnett County, Georgia, contact me to get started with the process for a loan.


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One Response to “Gwinnett County HOMEStretch”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Clay helped my husband and I purchase our first home using this down payment assistance program. He took such great care of us and we’re so thankful for his help!

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