Fannie Mae paying closing costs on HomePath


Breaking news… starting April 12, 2011, Fannie Mae is paying 3.5% of the purchase price towards a buyers closing costs when the buyer purchases a HomePath eligible property.

Great!… but what is a HomePath property?

HomePath properties are Fannie Mae owned foreclosures. This plan to pay 3.5% of a buyers closing costs is designed to encourage qualified buyers to get into the market and purchase some of these foreclosed homes.

What does one need to do to qualify:

  • get prequalified for a loan (credit, income, down payment)
  • plan to reside in the home as one’s primary residence (closing cost incentive not eligible on investment property purchases)
  • close on the HomePath property on or before June 30, 2011

Starting from the day of this post, you have 6 weeks to find the property, and then another 4 weeks to close on the loan before the end of June. That is sufficient time, but not a ton of time. Also like other credits and incentives, the closer we get to the end date, the busier things tend to get.

In other words, start early! To get started, contact me to be prequalified to buy a home as long as the property is in the state of Georgia. The next step would be to find a home, and you can search for HomePath properties at

Free money to your closing costs! How can one go wrong with that!?!


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