Going Up? Down!?!


Sometimes going down isn’t the worst thing in the world… lower prices, or in this case, lower interest rates!! Let me explain.

One of my recent posts discussed the Lock and Shop program. Click the link for all the details, but in short, buyers can lock in a rate for 60 days prior to even looking for a home. This way the buyer knows their rate won’t get any worse and can put their focus on finding a home instead of trying to time the rate market.

A common question I get about the Lock and Shop program goes something like this… doesn’t a 60 day rate lock mean a higher interest rate? The answer is yes, it typically does mean a higher interest rate. That isn’t a problem when you pair it with a FREE one-time rate float down option. Let me explain.

Initially, my clients can lock in their interest rate today using the Lock and Shop program. Then once we are within 30 days of closing, if rates have improved, we can float my client’s locked interest rate down to a lower interest rate. There are no gimmicks, hidden fees, or anything along those lines associated with the one-time float down option.

The float down option is also available to buyers or home owners refinancing who did NOT use the Lock and Shop program.

How does one take advantage of the rate float down option? Well, first, you’ve got to get started! Whether you are looking to buy a home or refinance your current home, you need to be prequalified.

During the initial consultation of the prequalification process, we can determine if using the Lock and Shop program makes sense OR just move forward with a rate lock knowing with either course of action we can always float that interest rate down if the market improves.

Take the worry out of when to lock your rate. Use the FREE one-time float down option, and that is a program I am able to offer my clients.


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