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One of our recent flips was a ranch on a full basement in Alpharetta.  The home had been lived in for a number of years by the then current owner.  The home needed updating to bring up the value, but it was mostly cosmetic in nature.  We thought it was about time to get one that did not need so much work.  Check it out.

On the outside we replaced the roof with an architectural roof, removed the LP siding, replaced it with HARDI Plank and repainted the exterior.  This made a huge difference in the exterior appearance, and did not represent a huge cost.  We also had to water proof a portion of the front foundation wall.  This required bringing in a back hoe, digging down to the footer, filling cracks in the block wall and then applying water proofing before covering it back up.  I would prefer not to have to do this again. Once finished we added concrete curbing to create a very attractive and curb appealing front yard.  At $3.50 a linear foot the curbing was a great investment.

On the inside we painted, replaced the majority of light and plumbing fixtures, replace kitchen appliances and added a Heat Pump and duct work in the basement so that we could consider that finished space.  At less than $4,000 it was a good investment.

In the end we sold the house for more than any other ranch had sold for in the subdivision.  If you have extra money; now is a great time to purchase investment property; AND if you need someone to manage the project from Alpha to Omega, give me a call.

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